About Us

Halal Brand Hub Limited  is able to provide its services all around the globe although it is a New Zealand company with its headquarters based in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a limited liability company registered under the New Zealand companies act.

As we mature with time, our vision and mission may alter to move with time and market demands. However, at this point of time, our vision and mission are detailed as below:



Our vision is to be the local and global leaders in delivering quality consulting services, research activities and training.



At Halal Brand Hub, we aim to deliver effective and efficient services according to an agreed and resourced corporate plan to include following major objectives:

  • Raise ḥalāl awareness and associated commercial prospects.
  • Promote Halal Brand Hub's capabilities to help public and private sectors to optimise their profits through opportunities in the ḥalāl market including ḥalāl lifestyle, ḥalāl food, ḥalāl fashion, ḥalāl tourism, ḥalāl services industry, ḥalāl supply chain and sustainable environment.
  • Support local public and private sectors to develop strong collaborative links with the growing ḥalāl markets globally.
  • Provide professional training to support the ḥalāl awareness and needs through customised training sessions.
  • Undertake research informed professional activities.


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