It is worth noting where the ḥalāl business opportunities are being generated from and what is our level of preparedness to enter those markets?   The strategic aim of our research is to connect you with trade opportunities in the ḥalāl industry sector with the following short and medium term expected objectives:


Immediate Objectives

  • To enhance understanding of the ḥalāl commercial world and business opportunities to grow your profile.  
  • To bring together different stakeholders of ḥalāl industry sectors.  
  • To provide a platform to local, regional and national businesses to connect and assess opportunities relevant to ḥalāl industries. 
  • To promote ḥalāl trade opportunities.  
  • To educate and prepare businesses for gains from the ḥalāl commercial opportunities. 


Medium Term Objectives.

  • To profile the Halal Brand Hub as leading Halal Consultants. 
  • To undertake surveys and obtain feedback relevant to ḥalāl market segment. 
  • To hold research symposiums relevant to ḥalāl trade. 
  • To attract research funds.