The ḥalāl market has been experiencing a continuous growth in the past decades. The ḥalāl Food market to be worth 1.173 Billion Dollars by 2021, the ḥalāl Travel sector to be worth $243 Billion by 2021, modest Fashion sector worth $368 Billion by 2021 (Thomson Reuters & Dinar Standard 2016/17). Therefore understanding ḥalāl practices has become the backbone of running a halal certified business. ḥalāl certifications are time-bound. It is therefore paramount that our customers understand the concept of ḥalāl practices to be successful in the ḥalāl commercial world.

To help you gain knowledge and proficiency about the ḥalāl commercial world, the Halal Brand Hub offers a variety of comprehensive training programs that are specifically designed, customised to meet your needs and delivered to ease your transition towards the ḥalāl market segment. Each training program’s design and delivery contains information individually tailored for all participants.

Our training programs cover industries to include tourism, hospitality, food processing and safety, fashion and life style, all based on understanding of the Islamic Law.


Why choose our training programs?

The training programs offered by the Halal Brand Hub consider various aspects of the ḥalāl industry requirements. Our training programs ensures that your employees gain sufficient knowledge and skills to deal with the ḥalāl market segment. This creates confidence in operating your business according to the halal procedures and guidelines, an important step to deal successfully with the ḥalāl market segment.

The strength of our training programs comes from the hard-work and dedication that is being put into each program by our trainers. All our trainers are experienced, knowledgeable in the respective halal industry and customer friendly.

The Halal Brand Hub is dedicated to high-quality training, which aims to ensure that our customers gain the latest knowledge on their respective halal industry in order to embark, retain or change their business model into a ḥalāl friendly business.